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Welcome to The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation!

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Straight from the stuffed horse’s mouth... Here’s what’s afoot at The SARF Headquarters and beyond!

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Thank You For Applying!

22nd January 2016 By The S.A.R.F.

We have made our adoption decisions and are notifying approved applicants. Thank you to everyone who applied. If you do not hear from us, please apply again. We get a WHOLE LOT of applications, and unfortunately we can’t award an SA to everyone who applies. But please don’t give up! We will have more SAs up for adoption very soon!

We’ll Be Making Adoption Decisions on Thursday, January 21!

19th January 2016 By The S.A.R.F.

If you’re planning to apply to adopt any of our currently-available SAs, get your applications in before noon on Thursday, January 21! We’ll be making decisions that evening, and we’ll be sending out notifications shortly thereafter.

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Do Stuffed Fish Have Feelings?

19th November 2015 By The S.A.R.F.

Of course! Although Kelly’s stoicism  during her tagging surgery did have me wondering…

Perhaps it’s all the adrenaline, as she’s preparing for the trip to her new home, quite appropriately, across the pond.

This morning, Kelly’s shipping out to meet her new living companion, Sophie, all the way over in the U.K.

Congrats, Sophie. She will see you soon!