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Historical Walking Tour / Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo 2016

On 16, Dec 2016 | In News | By The S.A.R.F.

Dear Friends,

It is once again the time of year when I mow down the tall, weed-laden pasture of excuses to reveal the lush green field of stuffed animal-related hi-jinx that’s been gasping for air underneath.

Today, it is with great joy and relief that I reveal to you a portion of that pasty garden of creativity in the form of two projects, both of which require the help of YOUR eyeballs to beam metaphorical chlorophyll and sunshine in their directions to give them, symbolically speaking, the healthy tans they need to coax The SARF back from its extended hibernation.

Here they are:

1. There is now a Stuffed Animal-Related Historical Walking Tour of the North University Area, culminating in a visit to…

2. The Annual 37th Street Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo, 2016…

Step one:

You’ll find the walking tour here:

Stuffed Animal History Tour #izistory

Note 1: Like many dry, historical accounts of events in the distant past, this audio tour might not be a hit with small children. It’s more geared toward history buffs, particularly those who are fascinated by the rich-yet-often-ignored role stuffed animals played in Austin’s development- and the roles they will play in its future. There are not that many actual stuffed animals visible on the historical tour… It’s kind of like how you don’t expect to actually see Paul Revere riding around when you go on a Revolutionary War walking tour. For those of you who are ONLY interested in seeing stuffed animals, please skip right to the Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo. There are many of them there.

Note 2: The Tour utilizes an app called Izi Travel. It is free, and I’ve found it’s pretty great for things like this walking tour. If you download and use it, it’ll trigger the audio clips automatically as you walk the route. Otherwise, you can use Izi in your regular browser– it’s just not as automatic.

Note 3: Yes, it’s true that the new SAs aren’t listed on the website yet. We will get them up there. Soon. And we will answer your emails…

Now go take a walk!