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Gender Male
Occupation Postal Relationships Liaison
Temperament Calm, unbiased
Special Needs Snow, rain, heat, gloom of night
Interests Non-violent conflict resolution
Specialties Mediation

The relationship between postal carriers and dogs has long been a strained one. Six days a week, a drama unfolds as live dogs struggle to rectify in their heads the subtle confusion of the strange and the familiar. Who is this potential intruder at once benevolent and intrusive, with an air of entitlement unknown to other passers-by? As a Postal Relationships Liaison, this is where I come in. I mediate disputes between mail carriers and living dogs. As a stuffed dog, I bridge the gap between the live dogs and humans. I am a figure of respect and trust. Both parties can relate to me, both with (mostly, typically) positive associations. A childhood friend, a toy of comfort… It is my goal to bring an end to the unwarranted conflict that has plagued the U.S. Postal Service since its inception.

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Adoption Completed April 2015!

Status: Adopted!