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Gender Male

We are doing our best to transcribe Barkley’s bio as he dictates it to us, but he can be quite difficult to understand. Barkley suffers from a condition called Pica. It is a fascinating eating disorder that is extremely rare in humans, and is even more so in SAs, particularly since eating anything at all is a rare activity for an SA. Pica manifests itself in SAs in much the same ways as it does in humans, and Barkley’s case is rather unremarkable as far as SA Pica is concerned. He exhibits classic systems, showing a preference for eating trophies that celebrate soccer achievements, plastic sunglasses (with a slight selection for those blue in nature), and paintbrushes containing acrylic paint residue.
Barkley says he is originally from Des Moines and that he is one of six siblings, none of whom show signs of eating disorders. His older sister, however, does have an unusually large collection of Kremlin-themed snow globes, but this does not appear to cause her any sort of measurable distress and thus is not classified in the DSMSA-IV.

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Adoption Completed February 2016!

Status: Adopted!

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