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Gender Female
Hometown Akron, OH
Occupation SA Travel Agent
Temperament Helpful, unique, adventurous, fun
Special Needs Airplanes, buses, Snapchat
Interests Traveling to new places, reading, gossiping

Because I'm a pink cow, people are always asking me, "Do you produce strawberry milk?" I just look them straight in the eyes and say, "I'm a stuffed cow. We don't make milk. Duh.” I’m Elisabeth, and I’m a stuffed animal travel agent. I help SAs Plan Dream Vacations to Exotic Destinations®. When I’m not busy making dreams come true, I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, and chatting with my friends online! I’d love to meeting a living companion who shares my sense of adventure and who has a lot of fun friends that I can meet!

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Adoption Completed January 2018!

Status: Adopted!

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