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On 13, Dec 2014 | In | By


Gender Male
Occupation Interim CFO, The SARF, LLC

I’ve always had a head for numbers. Don’t tell the big boss, but most of the time I don’t even use my calculator! They’re not exactly designed with cloven hoofed SAs in mind! Plus, I’m much more comfortable working in base 8. Of course I always convert everything into base 10 for transparency purposes. I’ve been tasked with the challenge of getting The SARF’s bookkeeping in order. It’s not a small task, either. But I have Quickbooks all set up now, so Wendy should be able to handle things on her own once I’m adopted in January, at the beginning of the new tax year. I’d be a great adoption choice for a small business owner, as I’d be glad to provide free accounting services for my new human companion(s)!

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Adoption Completed February 2015!

Status: Adopted!