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On 10, Dec 2018 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Interests Road trips, insects, theater

Like their living counterparts, stuffed armadillos can also often be found beside major Texas highways. Though less common in extremely rural areas, SA armadillos are most commonly spotted on highly-traveled roads near souvenir shops frequented by quarreling siblings.

We found Gary on the interstate on our way back from our first trip to the Greater Pine Bluff Wildlife Refuge. He way lying on his side a few miles down from ‘Pine Bluff Gas and Gifts,’ which is believed to be his store of origin. He was quite surprised when we picked him up with bare hands. We explained that he, unlike some of also-immobile friends, was a ‘stuffed’ rather than a ‘living’ (or formerly-living) animal. This distinction was at first quite difficult for him to comprehend, but he has come to embrace his stuffed identity.

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Adoption Completed February 2019!

Status: Adopted!