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Although Alcatraz was closed to human prisoners in 1963, few realize that stuffed inmates continued to be housed there for decades more. Because operating costs associated with feeding, housing, and restraining SAs are significantly lower than those required for live prisoners, the small-yet-dangerous SA population remained incarcerated on the island despite the subsequent influx of tourists, protesters, and occasional action film crews.

In recent years, however, the SA prison population has been in steady decline, due in part to the emergence of rehabilitation programs like those available at The SARF. This has led to the closing and consolidation of many large SA detention facilities; the lingering SA wing of Alcatraz (SAlcatraz) was one of these pegged for decommission in 2008. It was officially closed in 2010, and the remaining prison population was spread throughout partnering rehab facilities such as The SARF.

Horace has been in therapy at The SARF since 2010, and he has made significant progress. After 3 years of rehabilitation, he is excited to be participating in his first SA petting zoo.

This marks a giant step in his journey and is further evidence that SAs are capable of reform if given the proper guidance, opportunities, and encouragement.alcatraz_bear_back

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