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Jack Samuelson, Ph.D

On 14, Dec 2012 | In | By

Jack Samuelson, Ph.D

Gender Male
Hometown Chicago
Occupation Euclidian Psycho-Geometrist
Temperament Scientific, methodical
Special Needs Electrodes, test subjects (stuffed reptiles), peer review

I’m an experimental Euclidian Psycho-Geometrist. For those who don’t know, EPGs such as myself are devoted to the discovery and documentation of certain as-yet unproven psycho-geometric relationships. In my current research, I am observing the subtle physical interactions between geometric planes and beta waves emitted from stuffed reptilian brains. By observing these stuffed snakes under the stress of observation by strangers, I hope to show a correlation between changes in brain function and changes in the physical structure of the plane upon which they recline.

The SARF granted me permission to conduct my study using SA residents as a sample group, and my fellow stuffed snakes were kind enough to volunteer to be test subjects. This petting zoo has afforded me the opportunity to observe these snakes atop a physical plane while experiencing the moderate sustained stress of attendees’ observation.

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