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Jacques & Deanna

Jacques & Deanna

Gender Other
Interests Resting, snuggling, naps

Due to a dietary protein deficiency, the average living koala sleeps around 20 hours per day. This same pattern also holds true for stuffed koalas- although SA koalas’ nutritional deficiencies and resulting penchant for napping are even more extreme than their living friends.

Stuffed koalas actually spend 24 hours a day in an immobile state, probably owing to the fact that 100% of their zero daily calories come from non-protein sources.

This may sound extreme, but these nutritional deficits are quite common in SAs.
Because of their general lethargy, Jacques and Deanna fit in quite well their living counterparts at the refuge. In fact, the live koalas didn’t seem to detect any differences at all between themselves and their stuffed guests.

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Adoption Completed January 2019!

Status: Adopted!

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