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Janice (aka Janus) (Technically kidnapped…)

Janice (aka Janus) (Technically kidnapped…)

Gender Female
Hometown Planet Earth
Temperament Peaceful
Health Conditions Recurring blockage of orange chakra
Special Needs Sacred Geometry set, rock tumbler, must sleep facing door but not in line with door

Greetings, friend. I am Janus. I know the future and the past, and I have many faces. I have the gift of the healer and the vision of the ages. I will guide you as you connect to your divinity within. I will clear and reset your bad energies to ensure you are operating at the highest vibration possible. I am a master of Color Breathing Therapy, which can be of much use to you. Do not let my blubberous exterior fool you. I am but a feather floating upon the mystic seas. May the peace of the ages bring you great joy and wisdom.

Graduate of SXSW Interactive 2009 petting zoo. Adopted in 2009.

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Status: Adopted!

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