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On 25, Jan 2010 | In | By


Gender Male
Hometown San Diego
Temperament Totally chill
Health Conditions Says Bro a lot
Special Needs Red Bull, transportation to Ultimate Frisbee/track

Graduate of December 2008 and December 2009 petting zoos. Adopted in early 2010.

Hey bros, I’m Jeff. When The S.A.R.F. found me, I was just hanging on my bro’s couch and drinking way too much beer. I was the king of the keg stand for sure, and I know pretty much every line of every episode of Family Guy. But The S.A.R.F. patched up my pouch and paid for my gym membership. Last week, I hopped a half-marathon, and I’m totally stoked about this frisbee golf tournament next month. I’m a killer boxer, too, especially on the Wii.

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Status: Adopted!