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On 03, Jan 2012 | In | By


Gender Male
Hometown Madison, Wisconsin
Temperament Easy-going
Health Conditions Fluffy
Special Needs Luv
Specialties Making cheesy jokes

Adopted in January 2012
Hi! My name is Justin, but you can call me Justin. Ha!! I’m a lovable dog with a great sense of humor. And I like to cuddle! I love playing with other stuffed dogs and live humans, and I can’t wait to find a new family! My mother was a stray stuffed dog, and I’m not sure who my father was… but that’s pretty normal for stuffed animals. I don’t mind! If you like taking walks and joking around, you’ll love hanging out with me! I can’t catch a frisbee, though, because I can’t jump. But I can do other stuff, like watching reality tv with you and watching you eat dinner!

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Status: Adopted!