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On 11, May 2015 | In | By


Gender Female
Temperament Calm, loving
Health Conditions Polyfiber Fibrosis
Special Needs Massages, patience, fashion advice
Interests Card castle-building, Jenga, soldering, playing 'Operation'

You might notice that I’m a bit stiff… but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to snuggle. It’s just a little harder for me than it is for a lot of SAs. See, I have a condition called Polyfiber Fibrosis. It basically means I have excess connective tissue in my stuffing that causes me to appear stoic and unloving. But I can assure you this is far from true! I am a warm and compassionate SA with much to offer to a living companion who is willing to overlook my hardened exterior and questionable fashion sensibilities. Because of my condition, I’ve developed a sense of calm that I think is a comfort to some folks. I’m also great at activities that require concentration, so I can probably help you A.D.D. folks out there. I am particularly good at building complex playing card castles, playing Jenga, soldering.

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Adoption Completed May 2015!

Status: Adopted!