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On 13, Mar 2013 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Jefferson, LA
Occupation Crane Operator
Temperament Nurturing
Special Needs Egg warmers, crane costume

Hello! I’m Kim, and I’m a crane operator. My job duties include keeping eggs warm, snuggling with new chicks, and dressing up in white feathered outfits. At first, they had a little trouble fitting the fake crane beak over my bill, but they eventually worked out. Now I’m one of the most sought-after stuffed crane mother surrogates in the country! I have to admit it’s a little hard to say goodbye to the little guys when it’s time for them to migrate, but they keep me so busy with new hatchlings that I can’t stay sad for long. I love my job, and I know that what I’m doing helps repopulate a species that was once on the brink of distinction. How’s that for meaningful work?!

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Status: Adopted!