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On 15, Dec 2013 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Anchorage, AK
Occupation Mom, Tea Drinker, Campaigner
Temperament Self-assured
Special Needs Campaign fundraisers, campaigns, funds
Interests Drinking tea, soccer practice
Specialties Tea, tea drinking, talking about tea

We are so tired of being called old-fashioned just because we like our tea after we take our calves to school. Sarah and I have our parties just like all of you who are real stuffed elephants in the heartland of this nation in which we live. Our morning tea parties are a forward-looking party who wishes to turn back the clock on the tea of today and return it to its strong and tasteful flavors of that which it once was when it was before now.

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Adoption Completed January 2014!

Status: Adopted!