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On 11, Jul 2017 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Las Vegas, NV
Occupation American Studies Professor
Temperament Fun, analytical, academic, well-trained
Special Needs Proximity to archival/academic library
Interests Circus performer rights, jazz, swimming
Specialties American entertainment history, ball-balancing
Height 8 inches when sitting

My mother was an anthropologist, and my father was a circus performer- so I've had quite an interesting life, to say the least! I feel like I have a pretty unique perspective on life and what it means to be an SA in America in the 21st Century. I study the history of SAs in America, with a particular focus on their relationships to human entertainment. I would like to find a living companion who can be serious and and thoughtful, but who also isn't afraid of getting his or her feet wet! I'm a pretty balanced stuffed seal, and I'd love to find a companion who is focused but who is also capable of taking a break from work and having some fun!

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Adoption Completed January 2018!

Status: Adopted!