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Mark Stitch

Mark Stitch

Gender Male
Occupation Poet
Application Deadline: 2/28/15
Custody Announcement Date: 3/10/15

Poet Laureate of The SARF’s 2014 Petting Zoo

A selection of poems from Mark Stitch’s anthology, Avoiding Dismemberment, released in early 2013

Avoiding Dismemberment, 2011

In a washing machine,
I am the absence of... machine.
I am always in a pillow case.
When I flip my arms and legs become squished and
are released again.
My stuffing shifts to fill in the spaces
where my fur once stuck together.
We all have reasons for pillow cases.
I use them to avoid dismemberment.

The Thief, 1994

There was a stuffed dino from Texas
whose best friends were real live T-Rexes!
Then a rock fell one night
and they vanished from sight
So he drove off in somebody’s Lexus

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Adoption Completed February 2015!

Status: Adopted!

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