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Maurice Orwell, DDS

On 22, Nov 2013 | In | By

Maurice Orwell, DDS

Gender Male
Hometown Ann Arbor
Occupation Dentist
Temperament Eager, personable
Special Needs seam rippers, dental thread (not tape)
Specialties orthodontics, root canal

A great smile is a sound investment, and the dividends are priceless.

You might not realize it, but proper oral hygiene is just as important for stuffed animals as it is for our living counterparts. As a stuffed beaver, I know all too well that crooked or damaged teeth can wreak havoc on one’s self-confidence* – not to mention what it can do to one’s seams and stuffing structure. I offer a variety of treatments specifically designed to meet the medical and cosmetic needs of SAs with all manner of oral configurations.

*note: In SA terms, “teeth” may also mean:

  • threads that imply a mouth area
  • appliquéd lips
  • tooth or mouth-like indentations
  • certain thread, fabric, or plastic whiskers

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Adoption Completed January 2014!

Status: Adopted!