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Mindy & Cindy

On 05, Dec 2013 | In | By

Mindy & Cindy

Gender Female


We're identical twins, and we're also best friends. Our family and friends can tell us apart, but sometimes strangers can't. We like to play pranks on people. We're world-class doubles tennis players, we sing backup harmonies for an internationally-famous pop star, we've done a few commercials, we share clothes when we wear them, and we have our own secret language. You know, the usual twin stuff. Cindy will finish…


…so yeah, we love to be together, but we're ready to spend a little time apart. That's why we want to be adopted by two different owners. But they have to see each other a lot. Like, they're best friends. That way we get to see each a whole bunch and can still practice tennis. We also got these cool mailboxes so we can write each other letters!

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Adoption Completed April 2013 (Ann Richards School Petting Zoo)!

Status: Adopted!