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Gender Female
Hometown Kennesaw, GA
Occupation Undecided
Temperament Curious, calm, logical, creative
Health Conditions Extreme softness
Special Needs Books, hugs, occasional cinnamon rolls
Interests Everything

According to my tag, I am originally from Kennesaw, GA; however, I don't remember ever being there. I somehow ended up in Austin, TX, and I've been a resident at The SARF for several years. Being a stuffed grizzly bear with rather thick fur, I have always felt a bit out of place in the south. I am interested in exploring a colder climate, perhaps with frequent snowfall! I won't be much help with the shoveling, since I can't move on my own, but I am quite a cozy snuggler and can help warm you after you finish! I am not sure what I'd like to do with my stuffed life, so I am interested in exploring all available options. I am a knowledge sponge- perhaps due in part to my soft, spongy fur! I am excited to find a living companion who is also curious about all the world has to offer.

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Adoption Completed January 2019!

Status: Adopted!

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