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On 21, Jan 2010 | In | By


Gender Male
Hometown Milwaukee,Wisconsin
Temperament Nervous, inquisitive
Health Conditions Good. Dirty eyebrow
Special Needs Moleskine reporter notebooks, small pencils (think libraries or Ikea)

Graduate of December 2008 and December 2009 petting zoos. Adopted in early 2010.

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I moved to Austin awhile ago. My old owner went away to college, and her parents sent me to Goodwill. I’m a little shell-shocked from being alone on those wire shelves for so long, and I’ve always been a little nervous anyway… but my therapist is awesome, and I’m totally working through it. I haven’t had a panic attack in over four months! I hope to one day be a journalist, if there are still journalists around when I’m old enough to be one. I like to cuddle (after I know I can trust you). My therapist says I have attachment issues, but awareness is the first step toward recovery.

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Status: Adopted!