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Gender Male
Hometown Dallas, TX
Temperament Anxious
Health Conditions Erythrophobia (fear of the color red), anxiety
Special Needs Exposure therapy, visual spectrum awareness

I know, the name’s kind of ironic, considering my little erythrophobia problem. Yeah, I’ve thought about changing it, but it seems like I’d be disrespecting my folks. Plus, the therapists at The SARF have helped me think of it as a small part of my exposure therapy. You see, I have a handful of phobias, but my biggest one is of the color red. Obviously this poses a pretty big problem for me, especially when I happen upon a mirror or a window or any other reflective surface. It really used to get in my way, but I’ve made a heck of a lot of progress during my time at The SARF. I’d love to find a neutral-colored home with an understanding family that rarely blushes, doesn’t often have blood-related injuries, and does not include any alumni of The University of Georgia.

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Adoption Completed February 2016!

Status: Adopted!

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