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On 17, Jan 2018 | In | By


Gender Male
Hometown Phoenix
Occupation King
Temperament Strong, just, kind, hairy, leader
Special Needs Comb, minions, divine right
Interests Decision-making, wielding power

All things considered, I'd say I'm a pretty benevolent sovereign. I'm definitely not opposed to wielding my rather immense and intimidating power when it is called for, but I like to think I do so judiciously. Some of my critics say I'm overstepping traditional boundaries set by my predecessors, but I've just never seen myself a the simple figurehead type. I feel like I was destined to lead, particularly in these uncertain times. Stuffed animals need a strong, sensible ruler, and I am both of those. Simply by moving my uncharacteristically-floppy limbs around, you will feel my balance and inner strength. Go ahead, try it.

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Adoption Completed January 2018!

Status: Adopted!