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Gender Male
Special Needs stopwatch, digital clock, windup watch, electronic timer, projection alarm clock, grandfather clock with working chime, vintage wall clock with minute hand

My father was a drummer (I inherited his excellent rhythm), and my mother was a jockey. Ever since I was a foal, I always wanted to be a racehorse. Unfortunately, I had a birth defect ('timer' growth on my abdomen) that made this impossible for me. My abdominal timer is rather heavy, and it drags on the ground when I am on all fours. Being a jockey like mom really isn't an option either, because my knob irritates horses' backs when I lean forward when riding.

But! Despite my early setbacks and disappointments, I have come to see my timer as an unique asset!

I have special talents that SAs without timer growths do not have! I currently work as a track coach, chef's assistant (specializing in egg timing), board game facilitator, rocket launch speciailist, factory efficiency expert, test administrator, substitute metronome for the symphony, meditation leader, bell tower manager, and watch repair technician.

People often ask me how I manage to juggle my various jobs. I tell them it's actually pretty easy if you stay organized. For some reason, good time management has always come easy for me.
In fact, I'll be teaching a continuing education course on time management in the fall. Email me via if you're interested in more information.

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Adoption Completed May 2014!

Status: Adopted!

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