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Sanford (aka Sandy)

On 02, Feb 2010 | In | By

Sanford (aka Sandy)

Gender Male
Hometown Trenton, NJ
Temperament Expressive
Health Conditions Sparklies
Special Needs Stretch bar, custom leg warmers
Specialties Jazz hands

Graduate of December 2009 petting zoo. Adopted in early 2010.

Hi. My friends call me Sandy, and I am a dancer. Ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, western swing, modern, merengue, tango, salsa… I do it all and I love it all. Without dance, I would be just another boring three and a half foot long fire engine red chenille komodo dragon with sparkly hands and feet and a sparkly stripe down my back. But I feel special because of my dreams. I am currently putting together my audition for SYTYCD, and I think I have a good shot. I’m not as classically trained as some, but I have heart and my own personal style. I’ve also been told I have a very unique look and graceful, sophisticated lines. I love to perform, but sometimes I’m just as happy perfecting my moves in front of the mirror alone. Self-expression sets me free. I love to take car rides and hold my hand out the window and feel the breeze running through my sparkly fingers. It makes me feel alive.

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Status: Adopted!