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On 15, Dec 2013 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Juneau
Occupation Mom, Activist
Special Needs Tea
Interests Tea, activism
Specialties Tea, public speaking

<p>No matter what anyone tells you, I'm just you're average down-home soccer mom because you know it's the toughest job in the world to raise a healthy stuffed calf especially in this day and age with the technologies there are and so forth. We should be proud of ourselves because our work is never done and we have the right to drink tea because it is in our constitutions as individuals in this great stuffed nation of the world! Stuffed elephants like me need our tea parties in the early afternoons, and we believe everyone should have their tea whenever they want it, wherever they want it. Because its our right as a stuffed elephant and we're not going to let anyone take that right away.</p>

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Adoption Completed May 2014 (Violet Crown Festival Petting Zoo)!

Status: Adopted!