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Gender Female
Application Deadline: 3/31/14
Custody Announcement Date: 4/30/14

Hello! I’m Shelly. If you’re looking for superior window washing service at an unbelievable price, I’m your gal! My patented four-step cleaning process is safe for all types of glass*… single-pane, double-pane… even pain-in-the-neck! Whether it’s the ground floor or the 163rd, my attention to detail is the same: impeccable.** With no need for the bulky (and expensive) equipment that other washers use***, I can give you a spotless view at a fraction of the cost!


*Shelly is fully insured and is responsible for any damage to your home or property

**references available upon request

***Shelly’s sucker-like adhesive-yet-self-cleaning feet eliminate the need for ladders, raised platforms, or cranes

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Status: Adopted!