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On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By


Gender Male
Hometown Toledo, OH
Occupation Sketch / Stand-up Comedian
Temperament Funny, a bit needy at times, rambunctious
Health Conditions Unable to stand
Special Needs Props (material, mental, and physical), Microphone stand
Interests Sketch comedy, Stand-up, Benny Hill
Specialties Jokes, audience participation

Let's see here…
I'm Stevie. I'm not a crayon, but I play a stuffed one on TV!
So… Why did the stuffed crayon cross the road? Give up?
Because someone was trying to color with him! You like that?
How about this one… Which came first: the crayon or the stuffed crayon? Give up? The question is moot! They're completely unrelated! Heh heh.
Anyway… Being a stuffed standup comedian is tough sometimes… especial since I can't stand up! And I'm not an animal! But I'm all about defying stereotypes. I'd love to find a home with a supportive family who believes in me. And if they own a comedy club, so be it. Ha!


Stevie is back in his hometown with and his new companion!

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Adoption Completed September 2015!

Status: Adopted!