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On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By


Gender Male
Hometown Des Moines
Occupation N/A
Temperament Sweet, loving
Special Needs Extroverts
Interests Board games, listening
Height 10 inches

Hi there. My friends call me Tim. You can call me Tim. That would be nice. I like having friends. I have a lot of friends at The SARF. I hope I get adopted by a family with lots of stuffed animals so I can have lots of new friends to play games with. Dr. Greentail is trying to teach me chess, I don't like it. I like tic-tac-toe a lot, but he says it's not a balanced game. Or it IS a balanced game. I don't remember. I like Jenga, too.

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Adoption Completed October 2014!

Status: Adopted!