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Tom (and family)

On 11, May 2015 | In | By

Tom (and family)

Gender Other
Hometown Salinas, CA
Occupation Traveler
Temperament Steadfast
Health Conditions Sore feet
Special Needs Water, the long road ahead
Interests Finding water
Specialties Trudging onward

We have been traversing the concrete highways, edged with dry and broken grass, among the grasshoppers and ants and other turtles like us, turning aside for nothing, dragging our high-domed shells slowly, plodding restlessly on tender feet, and holding our heads high. Not walking, since we are stuffed, but more like being boosted or dragged, leaving our drought-plagued home in California behind, like so many like us, in search of the fertile- or at least more damp- land of Oklahoma. Dodging sedans and trucks and the occasional eerily silent Prius, sometimes grazed or flipped like tiddly-winks, spun like coins and turned on our backs, but always, always turning ourselves again upright, looking ahead with humorous eyes, plodding on tired stuffed nails, slipping steadily forward.

Note: This family of three turtles must be adopted together. We don’t know the names of the other two turtles, but we’ve taken to calling them Rose and Connie.


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Adoption Completed September 2015!

Status: Adopted!