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Vincent (Technically kidnapped…)

Vincent (Technically kidnapped…)

Gender Male
Hometown Washington State
Temperament Careful
Health Conditions Bug Eye Vision: +11.0 (in daylight), +8.0 (night vision)
Special Needs food (particularly bugs), sunglasses

Hello. I’m Vincent. Before I say anything else, I have to tell you that I have a condition called Bug Eye. Basically, I am allergic to insects (and arachnids). Eating them in large quantities like I do has resulted in my having enlarged eyeballs with non-contracting pupils. My eyes are really sensitive to sunlight, and I’m quite farsighted. The doctors say my eyes will not get any larger, but they’re not going to get any smaller either. I bet you’re asking yourself, “So why doesn’t Vincent just stop eating the bugs?” Well, it’s kind of a catch 22, really. Bugs give me Bug Eye, but my digestive system isn’t actually equipped to process anything else. I have tried bug substitute products, but I’m really not a fan of processed foods, and honestly, they’re just way too expensive. I also have to maintain a wheat-free and dairy-free diet, which is actually pretty easy to do since my species instinctually really only eats bugs. But still, I thought I’d mention it just in case. I’m not like one of those people who will drop dead if a peanut touches them or anything. I have more of a sensitivity. Anyway, I guess I’m kind of a stuffed couch potato. I really just like to sit around and watch TV (precariously placed at least fifteen feet away). I especially like Heroes and The Wire- but I think everybody loves The Wire, right? McNulty is the coolest!

Graduate of SXSW Interactive 2009 petting zoo. Adopted in 2009.

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Status: Adopted!

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