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On 07, Jun 2017 | In | By


Gender Male
Hometown Winnipeg
Occupation Carpenter's Assistant
Temperament Active, interested, gregarious
Special Needs Toothbrush, raw lumber, brooms, stones
Interests Whittling, curling, craft beer
Specialties Making points

I'm Wayne. I've been in the U.S. for ten years, but I'm originally from Manitoba. I have always moved around quite a bit, going where my work takes me. I landed in Texas a few years ago. The weather took a little getting used to! Recently, I've been feeling a bit homesick, particularly since Mr. Trudeau's election, but I have a lot of great friends down here and I'd really love to find an official home in the states. Given my status and today's climate, I'd prefer to live in a sanctuary city- at least until my adoption is official.

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Adoption Completed 6/1/17!

Status: Adopted!