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On 11, May 2015 | In | By


Gender Male
Occupation Professional Fencer
Temperament Neighborly, gregarious
Special Needs Mask, épée, friends, neighbors, fences
Interests Fencing, community organizing
Specialties Fencing, lending needed items, advice, privacy

Hidey ho, neighbor! My name is Will. It’s a pleasure to meet you. A little about me? Well, for one thing, I won a gold medal at the 2014 The World Championships of Stuffed Animal Fencing. It’s not the most common of SA activities, we are a close-knit and devoted community. That’s one of the reasons I got into the sport in the first place (aside from the exercise!). We’re generally a friendly bunch, but fencing also teaches a certain respect for others’ boundaries. I love meeting new SAs (and their human companions), and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the youngsters when I can. I think you’ll find I’m a fascinating and fun-loving SA with a lot to offer your family and your neighborhood!

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Status: Adopted!