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Welcome to The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation!

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Stuffed Animal Repair Workshop Sat. Dec. 4th!

Missing eyes? Torn neck? Frayed mouth stitching? Bring your injured stuffed animal, and we will diagnose and help you treat its ailments (and learn techniques for dealing with future injuries). Together, we will nurse your stuffed animal back to health!

Attendance limited to 5 participants. Materials and prior video consultation (so we can determine size/scope of injuries and materials needed to have on-hand) included.

This class is geared toward adults. Must be 15 years or older to participate. Masks required!

December 4

(Note: The goal is to repair your SA’s specific injuries. If it takes less than 4 hours, you are free to leave at any time– or you can stick around to learn about other SA injuries and observe/help with others’ repairs!)

The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation Headquarters

2825 Hancock Dr #111 Austin, TX 78731

The SARF Live (but Stuffed)! On Facebook Live! Episode 1

The SARF Live (But Stuffed)!
Join us for Episode 2!

From Stuffed Animal Science Fair Winning Project, 2019

Combatting the Effects of Rising Sea Levels on Coastal-Dwelling Stuffed Animals (Possible Solutions) - by Viola

Featured SA Writing:
By Allen


for Carl Salamander

I saw the best seams of my generation destroyed by rippers, fraying undarnable furless,
being dragged through the thrift store lines at noon looking for a stitch,
cotton-headed plushies yearning for the ageless human connection to living companions snuggling beside pillows at night,
who lonely and tattered and missing-eyed and squished sat up smashed in the supernatural coldness of crowded resale shelf aisles floating across the tops of old board games contemplating fluff,
who bared their stuffings to shoppers with carts and watched antique collectors digging through retro-themed booths discombobulated,
who passed through scanners with radiant red beams remembering how Suzie and Blake grown now among the scholars of dorms,
had packed for universities and left them alone on empty beds of home,
or now studied in shared rooms in evenings, turning their snuggles to fellow students instead and listening to indie music until dawn,
who were ridiculed for being immature bears and returned home with a weekend trip to do laundry,
who sat in dark crates or plastic bags in Goodwill Alleys, sealed, or tossed in with smelly shoes night after night with thread, with dread, with broken stitches, faded and unraveled and inappropriately holiday themed,
with narrowing limbs and bottom heavy settling of polyester batting, illuminating all the motionless world of Time between incongruent plastic dolls, forest green tortoises, Build-a-Bear refugees,
relegated to mix-and-match grab bags, robbed of individual identities, a swarm

I’m with you in Texas Thrift
where you’re fuller than I am
I’m with you in Texas Thrift
where your loneliness and laughter are invisible
I’m with you in Texas Thrift
in my dreams you talk haltingly from an electronic voice box with swiftly-failing batteries whispering to me in my SARF Headquarters cubby at night.

More Video!

The SARF Live (But Stuffed)(But This Time Not Live!) Episode 3: Toast Interview:
We had some technical difficulties with out broadcast last Thursday, so here is the full interview with Toast, our special guest!

Episode 4.
We discuss Beanie Babies, future SARF Headquarters, potentially-offensive lawn bags, and a bunch of other ‘stuff’.

The SARF Live (but Stuffed)! On Facebook Live! Episode 7 (Austin Studio Tour)

Visit our real-life headquarters! We will be open 11/20 & 11/21, 12-6PM!

2825 Hancock Dr #111 Austin, TX 78731 After two very successful weekends during the WEST […]

Thank you Fred and Remp’s Golf Pool!

We have been pretty dang busy for the last few months as we’ve been assembling […]

Featured Past Adoption:

Although Alcatraz was closed to human prisoners in 1963, few realize that stuffed inmates continued to be housed there for decades more. Because operating costs associated with feeding, housing, and restraining SAs are significantly lower than those required for live prisoners, the small-yet-dangerous SA population remained incarcerated on the island despite the subsequent influx of tourists, protesters, and occasional action film crews.

In recent years, however, the SA prison population has been in steady decline, due in part to the emergence of rehabilitation programs like those available at The SARF. This has led to the closing and consolidation of many large SA detention facilities; the lingering SA wing of Alcatraz (SAlcatraz) was one of these pegged for decommission in 2008. It was officially closed in 2010, and the remaining prison population was spread throughout partnering rehab facilities such as The SARF.

Horace has been in therapy at The SARF since 2010, and he has made significant progress. After 3 years of rehabilitation, he is excited to be participating in his first SA petting zoo.

This marks a giant step in his journey and is further evidence that SAs are capable of reform if given the proper guidance, opportunities, and encouragement.


Horace was adopted by a Travis County Department of Corrections employee in early 2014.

Latest News

Straight from the stuffed horse’s mouth… Here’s what’s afoot at The SARF Headquarters and beyond!