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Petting Zoo Rules
  • Please do not feed the SAs (Stuffed Animals). Some of them are on special diets or in substance abuse rehabilitation.
  • You may leave the SAs gifts, but these gifts will not be considered when adoption application is submitted.
  • Yes, you may pet the SAs.
  • Please do not force the SAs to interact. Each SA has his/her own special personality, and some are more friendly than others.

I held my first Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo in December of 2008. It was my contribution to the decades-old tradition of decorating Austin’s 37TH Street with crazy lights displays during the holidays. After assembling the first entourage of rescued stuffed animals, I realized that I would be left with quite a lot of them post-petting zoo. And as much as I admired and respected them, my living space is pretty miniscule. So, I decided to use the petting zoo as a platform for finding them new homes.

And thus began The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation.

I’ve continued the 37TH petting zoo tradition every year since 2008, and I’ve also been known to periodically set up petting zoos at other events (official or otherwise).

If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring a petting zoo at a party or event, contact us at

Get involved

We can bring our petting zoo to you!

Interested in holding a Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo at your party or event? Contact us to discuss.

Photos, Video, Etc

Do you have pictures from a past S.A.R.F. Petting Zoo? We’d love to see them. Post them on Twitter or on our Facebook page!
We also have a Flickr Group!