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Gender Female
Hometown Los Alamos, NM
Occupation Artificial Intelligence Researcher
Temperament Analytical
Interests Adaptive Boosting, Dynamic Decision Networks, Symbolic Time Sequences

Curriculum vitae


  • Ada joined the faculty of the MIT Department of Computer Science in 1995.
  • Ada is a member of the MIT Artificial Stuffed Animal Intelligence Lab and has served on many MIT faculty committees (2000-2006)

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence, stuffed animal activity recognition, dynamic decision networks and symbolic time sequences in plush subjects


  • Ada received a B.S. in Computer Science Synthetics in 1986 from Purdue University and a Ph.D in Computer Science from MIT in 1991.


  • Ada's publications include 4 books (major AI textbooks), and several collections of MIT papers.

Honors and Awards

  • AI Dissertation Award: A Framework for Plush Robot Navigation, 1998
  • NSF Award: Dynamic Decisions in Multi-Robot Interactions with Polyester, 1998
  • DSA-98 Best Paper Award: Conference on Synthetic Fur Systems, A Comparison of Representative Polyester Batting Localization Methods in Stuffed Robots, 2001.

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Adoption Completed April 2013 (Ann Richards School Petting Zoo)!

Status: Adopted!