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Gender Female
Hometown San Francisco
Occupation Pirate
Temperament Clever, dexterous, fearless, morally-questionable, creative
Special Needs Maps, monocular, constellations
Interests Sailing, knitting, theft, crafts

I've been a pirate for about five years now, and I've gotta say, I really love my job! I'm always traveling to interesting places and meeting new people. There's nothing I love more than plundering on a crisp night by the light of a full moon... But I'm not just a one-trick octopus. When I'm not pilfering and pillaging on the high seas, I enjoy knitting, sewing, and all things crafty. I particularly enjoy creating lasting memories of my favorite expeditions through the fine art of scrapbooking. I'd love to meet a living companion who enjoys shopping for the perfect paper print, petty theft, and sharing knitting needles!

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Adoption Completed January 2018!

Status: Adopted!

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