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Gender Female
Hometown Baltimore
Occupation This and that
Temperament Chill, reliable, trustworthy, hip, down
Special Needs My peeps, loyalty, hashtags
Interests Hangin, getting to know you
Specialties Facial recognition

Hey, cool cats, I’m Babbs. I’m into a whole bunch of cool stuff— like Snapchatting and meme-ing and making Vines. GIFs are so great, aren’t they? I definitely know ALL of the hashtags ###! And I really love keeping up with all of the different acronyms for things the cool kids are ingesting. I’m also really great at keeping secrets! Especially if they have to do with, you know, illegal things. You can DEFINITELY tell me ANYTHING. I promise I won’t tell a soul! I definitely don’t have any connections to any sort of law enforcement agency, that’s for sure! I’m pretty much just your average hip SA looking for a cool new crew to hang with.

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Adoption Completed November 2019!

Status: Adopted!

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