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On 27, Sep 2022 | In | By


Gender Male
Occupation Artist*

Stuffed Artist's Statement:
When I arrived at The SARF, I had a large sign attached to my body. It advertised the fact that I am from Guam. And while I am proud of that, I decided to undergo surgery to remove the sign, allowing me more flexibility of movement. This is a choice that many stuffed animals make - removing extraneous objects that limit their lifestyles. My artwork utilizes pieces that have been removed from stuffed animals during surgeries at The SARF.

*This stuffed artist was featured in The Still Life, a group art show, November 2021 at The SARF Headquarters / Austin Studio Tour

Featured Artwork:
[caption id="attachment_5722" align="alignleft" width="195"] Pieces of Us (work in progress)

fabric, found [removed] objects[/caption]

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Adoption Completed June 2022!

Status: Adopted!