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Gender Female
Hometown Near Chesapeake Bay
Occupation N/A
Temperament Timid, frightnened
Health Conditions Stuttering when frightened, sparkly shell, trust issues
Special Needs Encouragement, group therapy
Interests Avoidance, finding other stuffed crabs

… H-h-h-hello th-th-th-there… I'm a blue crab. Please don't try to f-f-fry me up or steam me. Do you promise? My adoptive live crab family told me to be careful of humans… especially ones with steamer baskets or d-d-d-dogs or bags or shovels. I was separated from them when we were trying to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. They didn't have money to pay the toll, but I could cross for free since I'm stuffed. It was sad, but they wanted me to go on my own so I could try to find other stuffed crabs like me. I haven't found any yet. I'm not good at trying. Do you know any? Um… The SARF people s-s-s-seem n-n-n-n-nice. They do have a lot of b-b-bags and sh-sh-shovels, but I think they use them for different things. I think I am finished with my bio now.

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Adoption Completed January 2014!

Status: Adopted!