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On 24, Jul 2019 | In | By


Gender Male
Hometown Cincinnati
Occupation Undecided
Interests Gardening, snowboarding, raking leaves, sunbathing

I have always felt uncomfortable with my permanent seasonal embellishments, but when I moved to Austin, they became almost unbearable. I had a permanently-attached wool scarf and winter-themed embroidery on my right foot, but I have always loved all types of weather. My former living companion would keep my in a closet most of the year, only taking me out during the winter holidays- like I was a decoration! When I found The SARF, I asked if they’d be willing to perform Seasonal Reassignment Surgery. I was thrilled to hear that their surgeons are pioneers in the field. Their head doctor was the first to ever perform the procedure, so I knew I was in good hands! I am now almost fully healed, and I am enjoying my first scarf-free summer ever. I feel great!

*Note: Due to recent surgery, Chester’s foot might still be slightly sensitive to the touch!

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Adoption Completed August 2019!

Status: Adopted!