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On 12, Jun 2017 | In | By


Gender Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Home Planet Unknown
Temperament Silent, empathic, telepathic, potentially manipulative
Health Conditions Spherical constructivitis
Special Needs Patience, compatible neural pathways
Interests Midnight hiking
Specialties Telepathic up and down voting, peaceful protest
Height 22"

I hail from a vast and uncharted land where inhabitants are judged and rewarded... where friendships are forged, knowledge is exchanged, and life's great questions are answered and reanswered and reasked again in a seemingly-Sisyphusian cycle of untamed curiosity. Do I miss my homeland? Sometimes. But I have chosen to look for a new place: a new frontier... a home where we are judged by our thoughts rather than our hastily-typed sentences. My whole life has been a series of ups and downs and I am finally searching for stability. I would love to find a home with like-minded individuals (or at least individuals who are highly susceptible to suggestion) who limit their Internet intake and anonymous online participation, in preference for highly-accountable in-person interactions with real-world consequences.*

*I am Dabney, and I approve this message that I sent telepathically to a designated member of The SARF's staff.

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Status: Adopted!