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Don Crocogately

Don Crocogately

Gender Male
Hometown River of Unknown Name, TX
Temperament Reformed
Health Conditions Phantom Tooth Syndrome
Special Needs Transportation to Pred-Anon Meetings, pliers, ice maker
Specialties Crocogator Tooth Extraction, Stuffed Predators Anonymous Leadership

Sure, I've done some things I'm not proud of... I did my fair share of biting the hand that pretended to feed me. But that part of my life is over. It took some tough love from a few of the older crocogators at SPA (and the surgical removal of my stuffed teeth), but I'm proud to says it's been several years since my last chomp. I'm taking it one human-aided step at a time.

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Adoption Completed May 2014 (Violet Crown Festival Petting Zoo)!

Status: Adopted!

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