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Dr. Byron Greentail

On 23, Nov 2013 | In | By

Dr. Byron Greentail

Gender Male

World-renowned Stuffed Animal Physicist and Thread Theorist Dr. Byron Greentail has created a stuffed scale model of the solar system. His goal is to raise scientific awareness among the Stuffed Animal community.

Office Hours:

M, W, F  4:30PM - 4:33:PM

About Thread Theory

Thread theory posits that the universe is made up of infinitesimally small threads which are attached to a pin-cushion-like polyfiber membrane (brane). The threads exist in nine physical dimensions plus stuffed time, which flows both backwards and forwards like regular time but is squishier (a technical term). The physical dimensions include length, width and height, but also furriness, cuddliness and huggability, as well as stuffiness and plushiness, among others. Recent developments by Japanese physicists at the Nippon Stuffed Animal Particle Physics Institute have confirmed Dr. Greentail's revolutionary hypothesis that threads are the true basis of reality and that the physical world in which SAs appear to be immobile is in fact a holographic illusion.

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