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On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By


Gender Male
Temperament Anxious, solitary
Health Conditions Mutualism, anxiety
Special Needs Arlington*
Interests Netflix, staying home, reading

(Hippopotamus cylindrus, common name: Stuffed Tootsie Hippo)

ErnestArlingtonDon't let my outrageous appearance fool you. It's just my species. I'm actually quite mellow. Rather shy, really. I wouldn't call it a disorder or anything, but most social situations do make me anxious. Having Arlington up there does help quite a bit, but I'm still not exactly having a blast at the petting zoos.

I mostly read and watch a lot of Netflix. Arlington's been known to drag me out to Ikea every now and then or to the occasional birthday dinner, but I'm happiest hanging out at home.

*Arlington and Ernest must be adopted together. Please fill out separate applications for each.

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Adoption Completed January 2014!

Status: Adopted!