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Fernando the Elder

On 22, Jul 2019 | In | By

Fernando the Elder

Gender Male
Hometown I simply am and have been

Are YOU my new living companion? Perhaps so… Perhaps so. I AM quite particular, mind you.
Do my eyes draw you in? What do you see there? The wisdom of the ages? The knowledge of the universe and all universes beyond? A flashing glimpse of the original primordial truth?
If so, that is a start, my friend. A good start.
But look deeper. Much deeper.*

*Although we have no scientific or anecdotal evidence of specific powers, hypnotic or otherwise, we caution you against staring too deeply into Fernando The Elder’s eyes. If you choose to do so, The SARF is not responsible for any alterations to your psyche, positive or negative. Generally speaking, we are personally slightly afraid of looking too deeply into Fernando The Elder’s eyes, as we are scared of what we might find there.

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Adoption Completed June 2019!

Status: Adopted!