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My favorite foods are krill, other assorted crustaceans, various small fish, crab larvae, anchovies, tiny octopi, ice cream, anchovies, and the occasional small squid. I am very afraid of sharks, seals, killer whales, sea eagles, large seagulls, feral cats, and snakes. My weight has fluctuated a lot in the last few years, and I’m trying to make lifestyle changes. It’s hard, though. My weight watchers meeting leader says I deal with my fears by eating my comfort foods. I moved to Austin after I was abandoned because it is an active city, and because my predators don’t live here – since it’s warm and not by an ocean. But I do miss ice skating, hockey, snow cream, icicles, not needing a freezer, and the members of my local Polar Bear Club. I’d like to go north again, but only after I get my weight and blood pressure under control.

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