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On 13, Dec 2014 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Aerospace engineer

I’m an aerospace engineer. I deal mostly with astronautics, with a specific focus on astrodynamics. When I was younger, I dreamt of being the first female stuffed animal on the Mars. There was once a lot of support for an SA-manned trip to Mars, since it would eliminate most complications and costs associated with sustaining human life on extended space journeys… But enthusiasm has waned steadily since the Bush administration. Although NASA and NASASA still work closely with one another, many crucial joint programs have been discontinued due to budget cuts. Industry consensus is that nobody will be landing on Mars anytime soon. These days, I’m more interested in building spacecrafts than I am in riding in them! My team and I are pursuing viable designs capable of meeting the many challenges of deep space exploration.

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Adoption Completed September 2015!

Status: Adopted!