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Gender Male
Hometown NY, NY
Occupation Actor
Health Conditions Nocturnal
Special Needs Blackout curtains or blinds
Interests Experimental film, 24-hour diners, breakfast for dinner

When my good friend Andrew here hired me to sleep on camera, I initially thought, “Hey, that’s an easy way to make a buck!” At the time, I didn’t think about the fact that, as an owl, my sleep schedule is a bit different from his. Drew thought it would be more relatable to the masses if he filmed me sleeping at night, but of course that doesn’t really work well for me, being nocturnal and all. So we decided I should slowly force-shift my biorhythms until I got in sync with non-nocturnal SAs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working. Now I can’t seem to sleep during the day OR night. I keep telling him that maybe he should just find someone else to film, but he absolutely refuses. He’s definitely one determined SA!
At least I’m getting paid!

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Adoption Completed February 2016!

Status: Adopted!

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